MES COllege


Margadarshan (Mentor -Mentee) Scheme

As per mandate of NEP, NAAC has launched Margadarshan scheme for mentoring and handholding to accreditation aspirant institution to improve and instil Quality Assurance in Higher Education which is reflected in vision of NAAC.

Aim of the scheme

The scheme aims to bring all aspirant Higher Education Institutions in the fold of NAAC accreditation through handholding and mentoring.


• To improve overall quality of Higher education across the country through accreditation

• To Mentor non -accredited HEIs to volunteer for accreditation as desired in NEP.

• To tap regional potential through regional languages to enhance the number of accreditations in the country.

• To enable Government , rural and other HEIs to volunteer for accreditation .


MES Kalladi College is selected as a mentor by NAAC under Margadarshan scheme. The following colleges are the mentees of MES Kalladi College under this scheme.

1.       Assabah College or Arts and Science, Valayamkulam, Malappuram (Dt)

2.       Aspire College of Advanced Studies, Thrithala, Palakkad (Dt)

3.       Markaz Arts and Science College, Athavanad, Malappuram (Dt)