MES COllege


General Counselling

The general counseling center started in the College with the vision of addressing the needs and problems of Students community at their intra personal, interpersonal and social levels; and thereby increasing their mental health. The purpose of this Centre is to help students in their personal development. , and also help the students deal with day to day problems, issues, crises and other painful life events. Some of the common issues faced by the students are problems in studies like lack of concentration, absents, exam fear, anxiety, depressions, suicidal intention, confusions, addictions of various types and handling relationships in personal and family life. The various activity of the centre like one to one counseling, group counseling, trainings and seminars help the students to get awareness,learn coping skills and makes their experiences as students to be more productive and successful

The mission of general counselling is
  • To promote mental health of students.
  • Provide awareness classes to avoid alcoholism, drug abuse and marital disharmony
  • Crisis intervention and proper management.
  • Create a better learning environment.
The activities of the Counselling Centre are coordinated by Department of Psychology. Government has appointed a counsellor under the Jeevani Project

Premarital Counselling

Premarital Counseling Centre is an initiative of Directorate of Minority Welfare, Govt. of Kerala for the social and family upliftment of minority youth. Centre provides counseling courses to youth, preparing for marriage. The centre organizes four day counseling courses, including eight sessions related to various aspects of family life, such as social impact of family life, Husband- Wife relationship, Legal aspects of marriage , conflict management, Healthy sexual life, parenting and family budgeting etc. Students are also given chances to interact with family counselors, psychologists, advocates and other counseling experts.


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