MES COllege

About MES

Muslim Educational Society was founded in 1964 at Calicut under the tutelage of the inspiring personality Late Dr. Abdul Gafoor. From its humble beginning M.E.S has become one of the largest educational agencies in Kerala with a network of schools and colleges. During the initial stages M.E.S encouraged education among the members of its community by awarding scholarships. The commitment and understanding spirit shown by the M.E.S to impart knowledge to the educationally under privileged class of the society have gained wide respect and reputation.

MES is the largest corporate educational agency of the Muslims in India, with more than 150 educational institutions, including Medical College, Dental College, Engineering Colleges, College of Nursing, Arts & Science College, B.Ed Colleges, CBSE Schools, State Syllabus Higher Secondary School and Industrial Training Centers with more than 100,000 students and around 15,000 employees. Hospitals, Orphanages, Old-age Homes, Special Schools for Mentally Challenged, Cultural Complexes and various hostels draw up the broad canvas of services offered and activities undertaken by the society. The MES has registered its presence not only in India but in all the Middle East nations and enjoy the patronage of people from all the quarters as a politically neutral body and extends its services to all, upholding its secular fabric.


Mould exemplary citizens with quality education that encompasses competent spirit, scientific temperament, civic consciousness, and social commitment.


To provide new vistas of knowledge with innovative programmes and courses that adapt to the evolving demands of time thus enabling the vertical and horizontal growth of the recipients.

To mentor and assist the underprivileged to guarantee their upbringing as self-reliant and confident individuals.

To deliver a culturally rich, inclusive educational experience for learners that will eradicate the barriers of discrimination on any grounds and uphold the nation's integrity and universal brotherhood.

Core Values