MES COllege

Gender Equity Policy

  • The institution is committed to ensure that female and male students have equal access to the knowledge and skills that the campus provide
  • All the stakeholders of the institution try to ensure equal participation of female and male students in class rooms in line with the vision of the college
  • The Gender Equity in Campus provides a frame work of principles and practices that will improve the life chances and opportunities of all students regardless of whether they are males or females.
  • MES Kalladi College has the responsibility to provide high quality equitable education that meets the needs of both female and male students.
  • Gender related conversations will be encouraged in all the academic and non-academic endeavors in the college to sensitize all the stakeholders about gender issues.
  • The College shall adopt the policy of the proportionate inclusion of women in all advisory and decision making bodies following the principle of 50 per cent reservation in the composition of the body.
  • The College will detect and eliminate with gender sensitivity any kind of practices and customs including the gender differentiated use of space (e.g., play grounds) and time (staying back for co-curricular activities, use of libraries) inside the campus and involvement in co-curricular activities.
  • Any type of gender barrier would be identified and removed.
  • Safety audit of the campus would be conducted periodically and a SAFE (Sexual abuse free environment) would be guaranteed.
  • The College shall believe in inclusion and also in removing the gender based barriers which affect equality of opportunity for growth and development of students and teachers.