MES COllege

Welcome To MES Kalladi College

MES Kalladi College, is the proud symbol of the Muslim Educational Society to the cause of higher education in Kerala, especially to the educationally and socially backward sections. This is the first college started by the MES and it is also the felicitous outcome of the noble endeavor of the late Kalladi Cheriya Kunhammed Sahib and the local public. College is located in a vast area, in the backdrops of Western Ghats. The college started functioning as a junior college in 1967 and was upgraded in 1971 with the introduction of degree courses and later the college was further upgraded as a Post Graduate college in 1978. Now the college is offering 20 Under Graduate programmes, 9 Post Graduate programmes, 1 Integrated programme and 4 Research Programmes.

The College is equipped with good infrastructural and technological facilities to enhance the academic environment. All the classrooms are fully ICT enabled with either interactive panel or LCD projector. The laboratories are well equipped to support the academic activities. The college has an automated library which serves as a platform for knowledge enriching and sharing. It is equipped with sufficient number of books and journals. The research activities of the college are commendable. The faculty members and research scholars have publications in international peer reviewed journals. Along with the curricular and academic enrichment of the students, college focuses on the skill development of the students thereby mould them to achieve better career goals. College is offering foreign language training which helps the students in acquiring better opportunities in foreign countries. Vocational degree programmes like B.Voc Diary Science & Technology, Data Science & Analytics and Tourism & Hospitality Management gave the students a platform to complete a degree programme along with enhancing skill in that specific area. The college has a keen interest in providing various services to the society along with the students’ wholistic development. College organizes outreach and extension programmes to cater its services to the community. The extension programmes mainly focus on the local community. Awareness programmes, training programmes, skill development programmes and cleaning activities are organized to the benefit of the society. The medical centre established as a social welfare project of our college and an affiliate and peripheral centre of MES Medical College intents to give medical care and assistance to the students and local community.

College provides helping hand to the nearby tribal area, Attapadi. A health centre functioning in the Attappadi area provides proper medical assistance in the form of medical checkups, health awareness programmes etc. College promotes the talents of students in sports and arts by providing them with the facilities to enhance their abilities. The college has a playing ground with 400 mtr track and an indoor stadium to promote the sports and games related activities. Our students achieved many national and international medals in various sports activities such as Karate, Thaikonda, Wrestling, athletics, football, kick boxing, etc. The college has a legacy of great sports achievement in its history. Every year our students bring laurels to the college by achieving medals in sports. Our students mark their merit in arts by achieving prizes in University Festivals. MES Kalladi College has a long history of contributing to the educational and cultural upliftment of the community. It is continuously in pursuit of excellence by adapting with the new trends in higher education.