MES COllege

Code Of Conduct Students

The Code of conduct of the college are formed by the management and the Principal accordance with Government and University rules to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere.
  • In the light of the judgments of the Honorable High Court of Kerala [2003(2) KLT 582, WP(C) No. 986/2018/(W)], the college has prohibited all political activism within the college campus. Activities such as Demonstration, Campaign, Vandalism, Display of Poster, Banners, Flag, Strike, Gherao, Dharna, Hartal are prohibited.
  • As per the judgment in RP 435/03 by the Honorable High Court of Kerala and the directives of the Registrar of University of Calicut No. L.C. SW (2) College Union Election /OP/04 dated 02-03-05 to this effect, the Management of the College has the right to hold the union election in the Parliamentary form or any other manner it deems right for the maintenance of discipline in the campus.
  • Students of M.E.S. Kalladi college, Mannarkkad shall try their best to uphold the honor and prestige of the institution by humanity, fellow feeling, and hard work. They should endeavor to create an atmosphere conducive to academic, cultural, and social progress.
  • Students must observe strict discipline in the campus, behave with dignity and courtesy to the principal, faculty members, administrative staff, visitors, and fellow students.
  • Class hours are from 9:30 am to 3:15 pm. Be in time for classes. Day scholars are not expected to be present on the campus after 4:00 pm.
  • Once students are admitted to the college, they are bound by the code of conduct laid down by the college through the college calendar.
  • Students should come to the campus wearing the stipulated uniform only. On special occasions, students are exempted from uniform only with the permission of the principal. But only formal dressing will be allowed on the campus. Casual dressing / specially designed / gang dress / extra color / special dressing will not be permitted.
  • Staff members/Discipline Committee shall have the powers to deny admission to students to classes/office/labs/library/meetings/cultural programs in the case of violation of the dress code of the college.
  • No students shall always wear identity cards issued by the college with a tag and show them as and when demanded by the Principal, teachers, and office staff/security staff.
  • Political activism is strictly banned in the campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than the official ones. Students resorting to strikes are prohibited from entering the verandah of the building or the classroom.
  • No students shall use or keep in possession alcoholic drinks or drugs. Using/keeping of these items will lead to immediate expulsion of the students from the college and hostels.
  • Students are not allowed to organize or attend any meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without the written permission of the Principal. Outsiders are not allowed to attend or organize any program inside the campus.
  • The principal shall have the power to inflict the following punishments; fine, cancellation of attendance, withholding of term certificate, forfeiture of educational concession and scholarships, suspension, rustication from one or more semesters, expulsion, compulsory issue of TC etc.
  • Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattention to class work, obscenity in word or act are sufficient reasons for the permanent or temporary dismissal of a student.
  • Students should keep vigilance on timely notifications and announcements. Failure / ignorance will not be an excuse.
  • Banners, flags, Poster, etc. shall not allowed inside the campus or at the gates or compound walls without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students who are charged with a criminal offense and are under suspension shall not be allowed to enter the campus without permission.
  • Students are allowed to bring vehicles into the campus with the prior permission. They have to park their vehicle at the allotted place at their own risk. Stunting and racing of vehicles within and in a radius of 200 meters outside the campus are strictly banned. Students and staff have to register their vehicle number and license number with the security.
  • Disfiguring of walls, damaging of fittings and fixtures, attracts fine or disciplinary actions. Collective fines will be imposed for any damage if the cause cannot be traced to any individual.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones in the College Campus. If students are found using mobile phones on the campus, their phones would be confiscated and serious action taken against them.
  • Daily absentee reports, and other important messages are sent as SMS alerts to the parent's mobile number.
  • Cinematic dance, DJ, Fashion show, and birthday parties shall not be allowed inside the college campus.
  • Ragging is a criminal offense and its any form should be seriously dealt. To register the complaint regarding the ragging by students should be within 24 hours and, the action will be taken within the next 24 hours. Help line: 1800-180-5522. Website: