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Reported on: 26-06-2024


WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY CELEBRATION As part of World Environmental day celebration, the Research and PG Department of Chemistry and IQAC of MES Kalladi college, Mannarkkad conducted exhibition on 26/6/2024. The event, coordinated by Ms. Julia, witnessed enthusiastic participation from 47 students who showcased their creative and eco-friendly projects.The inauguration ceremony commenced with an inspiring address by the Principal, Dr C Rajesh emphasizing the importance of environmental conservation in today's world. Dr. T.N. Mohammed Musthafa, Head of the Department of Chemistry and keynote speaker for the event, delivered an enlightening talk on the significance of recycling and waste management in preserving our planet's resources. The exhibition featured a diverse array of exhibits crafted from various types of waste materials. Students demonstrated their ingenuity by repurposing items such as plastic bottles, cardboard, and old newspapers into useful products like planters, decorative items, and even functional furniture pieces. Each exhibit was accompanied by informative displays highlighting the environmental benefits and creative processes involved. Dr. Mohammed Musthafa also presented certificates of felicitation to the participating students for their innovative efforts in promoting sustainability through practical solutions. His recognition served to motivate the students and underscore the impact of their contributions towards a greener future. Dr Juliya A P, the event coordinator, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants, teachers, and volunteers who contributed to the success of the exhibition. She emphasized the importance of collective action in fostering environmental awareness and encouraged everyone to continue their efforts in reducing waste and promoting recycling in their daily lives.The exhibition not only celebrated creativity and innovation but also served as a platform for educating the school community and visitors about the importance of waste management and sustainable practices. It successfully highlighted the potential of waste materials to be transformed into valuable resources, inspiring all attendees to adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles.