Walk With a Scholar (WWS) Programme is another new Initiative Programme of Higher Education Department. It has been observed that the students in Arts, Science and Commerce Colleges do not get necessary orientation, to prepare them for employment or guidance necessary to select areas for higher study. Walk With a Scholar (WWS) scheme proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programmes for students in the Under Graduate Programmes in Arts, Science and Commerce and to provide guidance for their future.

The Government of Kerala had launched the Walk with A Scholar programme in the Govt Arts and Science Colleges during 2012-13 and extended to Aided Arts and Science Colleges in 2014-15. WWS scheme has been designed to arrange specialized mentoring programmes for students in Undergraduate programs in Arts, Science and Commerce and to provide guidance for their future career. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring and builds on the concept of a mentor as a “Guide and Friend”. The Scheme aims at giving necessary orientation to bright students who can excel in their disciplines, to give them necessary guidance,, motivation; goal orientation and mental support to identify appropriate areas for higher study as well as future employment. For the purpose of mentoring, two categories of mentors are identified. The first is Internal Mentor and the second is External Mentor. The Internal Mentor is a faculty from the institution in which the scholar is studying. External Mentors are identified from persons who excel in their disciplines and professions as found necessary according to the local needs of the institution/ students.The programme is open for 30 students of the first year of the Under Graduate Programme of study in a college.

Walk With A Scholar of MES Kalladi College (2018-19)

The team of Walk With A Scholar of MES Kalladi College, Mannarkkadpersistenty render their energy to nourish the innate talents of mentees by providing a space to shae their creative talents.Walk with a Scholar of MES Kalladi College, Mannarkkad conducted 50 sessions of external mentoring and 10 sessions of internal mentoring as part of WWS programme. A Motivation Camp was conducted on January 25 and 26 January 2019 and a motivation tour to SACON, Anaikkati was also conducted on 21 February 2019.

Co ordinator: Swapna.N.R

Internal Mentors of First Year

  • K, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • SanjeevKumar.K, Head of the Department of Hindi
  • P, Head of the Department of English
  • T.K, Head of the Department of Arabic
  • K.R, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Internal Mentors of Second Year

  • Abdul Basith.P.K, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
  • Priya T V, Head of the Department of Zoology
  • DrMuhammedMusthafa T N, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • NabilahHaniph, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
  • Surjith V P, Head of the Department of Malayalam

Student Coordinator of the Programme

            Ms. Anjali A M (Second Year BA English)

            Mr. Abhishek Y Anand (Second Year Chemistry)

External Mentors and Sessions

Sl No Date Name of the External Mentor Topic
1 12/01/19 Shafeeque.V Scholarship and Career Opportunities
2 12/01/19 Dr.MuhammedRafeek Life Skills
3 14/01/19 Dr.Sarin A Career Opportunities
4 20/01/19 T M Abdul Ali Communicative Skills in English
5 20/01/19 Praveen M U Creative Dramatics in Education
6 24/02/19 Anees P K PSC Awareness and Law
7 26/02/19 Prasidh Prasad Set Your Goals

A group discussion and an awareness on Interview skills was also conducted for second year students on 27/02/19 which was handled by Dr. Harikumar. A test was also conducted for second year students to assess their skills and improvement.



  A motivation camp which was conducted on 25,26 January 2019 was inaugurated by Genomic George IAS, Sub-collector, Ottappalam followed by six sessions. Talks and interactions with eminent figures from various fields including Raj Anand,  KPS Payyanadam, Dr.Thulasi V and Dr. Naveen. Sri Geromic George IAS inspired WWS mentees through his talk which dealt with various subjects including how socially committed an individual should be and how one should set his goals. KPS Payyanadam, the eminent film critic and dramatist spoke on “Nadakam- DrishyabhashayudeSakthiyumSoudharyavum” in which he told students how important the genre drama is to speak to the public. KB Raj Anand, renowned scholar gave focus to the art forms of Kerala and how it is relevant in contemporary society, through his talk “ KeralathinteParamparyaKalaroopangal”. Dr. Naveen A , District Programme Manager of National Health Mission, Calicut, the one who rendered his service at the time of Nipah Outbreak spoke about his experiences while he and his team came to the front to takle the issue, through this lecture “ How Kerala Tackled Nipah Outbreak”. Dr. Thulasi V, Scientist of RARS Pattambi gave a lecture on the topic “ Agriculture and Environment”. Throughout her lecture, she tried to make awareness among the audience about the importance of healthy food habits. Former faculties of our college Prof .T.M. Abdul Ali, Prof.M.Naseem, Prof. Tobin Theophilus and Prof. SabuIype shared their experiences to mentees which was followed by an interactive session. A campfire and cultural programmes of students followed by it.  All the internal mentors, mentees and teachers became a part of it.

Club Coordinators

Sirajudheen P

Sirajudheen P

Assistant Professor

Department English
Qualifications MA, MPHIL, NET