Human Resource Development Center

Human Resource Development Center

HRD center focuses on training, planning and developing human resources in order to fulfill the professionally skilled manpower for the educatio0nal, research and jobs. Human Resource Development Centre aims at

  • Promoting professional human resource management.

  • Evolving a holistic human resource development.

  • Orientation training programmes

  • Enriching the interface between Students, Industries, Educational Institutions, etc.

  • Promote a professional and holistic human resource development in college students and faculties

  • Create a focused group of human resource development  and offering training & development programs for professionalizing to college students and faculties

  • Promote research studies in the area of human resource development

  • Network with professional human resource Development organizations

  • Understand the significance of education in general, and higher education in  particular, in the global and Indian contexts

  • Acquire and improve the art of teaching at the college/university level to achieve goals of higher education.

  • Utilize opportunities for the development of personality, initiative and creativity; and

  • Promote computer literacy as well as the use of ICT in teaching and learning process.

Club Coordinators

Dr. Faisal Babu M

Dr. Faisal Babu M

Assistant Professor

Department Islamic History
Qualifications M.A., JRF, Ph.D.