Planning Forum

Planning Forum

Students will be enrolled as members to study different aspects of five-year plans by conducting seminars, symposiums and to spread the message of planning among the public and help in the implementation of plan projects.

Planning Forum is an academic platform for the students. The objective of the planning forum is to develop plan consciousness among the educated youths and through them among the general public of the locality. This ensures enrichment of knowledge of students with the arrangement of Display of  Information on the Notice Board, Personality Contest, Quiz Contest, Elocution Competition

Aims and Objectives

  • To organize the discussion of 5 year plan and day to day economic policies adopted by the government.
  • To invite eminent persons to address the special meeting of the planning forum.
  • To organize debates, film shows, exhibition, posters, etc.
  • To take up such other activities as are proposed by the planning forum and approved by the principal.
  • To conduct socio-economic surveys for urban and rural areas.
  • To provide adequate facilities on development programmes, collect data for drawing up meaningful developmental organizations at the village, block and district level

Club Coordinators