MESKC Innovation and Startup Policy


To boost the young minds with innovative ideas to become an entrepreneur, for social and economic growth of our society and nation


To provide suitable environment with necessary infrastructure and supports that enable students/faculties to nurture their ideas and to develop it into a venture with global standards.

Short Term Objectives

  1. To motivate students for creative thinking, building new ideas and for improving innovations.
  2. To provide supportive and vibrant environment for the young innovators to become entrepreneurs
  3. Improving adequate infrastructure facilities in the institution for supporting student/faculty/Alumni driven start-up.
  4. To conduct Seminars, workshops, FDP, Interactive talks for students/faculties for promoting entrepreneurial culture.
  5. Generating awareness among students and staff regarding IPR and patent related activities.
  6. Strengthening the relationship between institute and the industries so as to utilise the potential of young minds to a higher level.

Long Term Objectives

  1. Providing suitable ecosystem for students/faculties to design and develop novel products with global recognition
  2. Enhancing the quality of research work among students and staffs so as to attain patent, which will help in commercial production.
  3. Nurturing start-ups / enterprises (including social start-ups) by students, staff, faculties and alumina and generating revenue.
  4. Giving incubation facility to start-ups so as to help entrepreneurs to grow their business.
  5. Education related to entrepreneurship should be provided to students through short/long term courses on innovation, entrepreneurship and venture development.
  6. Finding potential partners for micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs), social enterprises, professional bodies and entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurship and to ensure maximum exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities with industrial and commercial collaborators.

Club Coordinators

Dr. Resmi K R

Dr. Resmi K R

Assistant Professor

Department Physics
Qualifications MSc, NET