Cycle Club

Cycle Club

MES Kalladi College promotes Cycling habits in Students, Teachers and other Non-Teaching Staffs by the activities of the Cycling Club. Promote recreational bicycling in the college for all interested students. It also encourages cycling as a life long activity for individual health and happiness. It is part of the ‘Green initiative’ of the campus. As the club identifies that promotion of cycling will enable the college to have a wider reach across the State in meeting its objectives. Many people in India, particularly in rural areas use cycle as a medium of transport; it shows the simplicity and the determination of the people of India. To promote education and ensure that people of India, particularly in the villages get the same privileges as its citizens in the cities. Our Club provides various methods by which cycling sports and cycling habits would be promoted. The cycling will be promoted using various methods to create awareness so that people across the country will consider participating in it actively.

Aims and Objectives

  • The club promotes interest and involvement in all aspects of bicycling.
  • Promotes Group Cycling
  • Teach cycling
  • Encourages cycling habits in the girls


  • Rally:

On 1st December ‘World Aids Day’, our club made a Rally from our college to Mannarkkad to raising awareness of AIDS .

  • Locality Level Cycling events:

Our Cycling Club will promote locality level events for School College Students categories in all the districts

  • World Bicycle Day:

Our Club will work along with Cycling clubs in our locality declaring a particular day of the year as the National Cycling Day. We propose the 3rd June as the World Bicycle Day

Student In Charge: Anjas

Club Coordinators

C K Musthaq Ali

C K Musthaq Ali

Assistant Professor on Contract

Department Islamic History
Qualifications M.A. (Islamic History), M.A. (History), B.Ed.