Bhoomithra Sena Club

Bhoomithra Sena Club

Bhoomithra Club (126/PKD/04/10), MES KC About:

Bhoomithra Club is a club functioning under the guidance and support of Bhoomithra Sena , which is a Scheme of Environment and Climate Change Department, Govt. of Kerala. There is a very energetic team of BMC functioning in all the districts both at School level and College level. This club as its name refers is meant for “Protecting our Earth”. The aim of the BMC is to inculcate a “love for mother earth” in students and faculties in the educational institutions which would ultimately reach all the members of our society.

BMCs across the state involve in different activities of Environment Protection by the wholehearted involvement of the Sena members. The difference between BMC and other clubs lies in the fact that other than Observing all UN suggested environmentally significant days the sena members tries to promote an Eco-friendly campus by contributing its service to the campus. Every year the members of different BMCs and the officials involved assemble to exchange their views and ideas to motivate the FICs and club members. Brief profile of the Faculty in Charge (for the last 7 years)

Activities & Events The Club members are involved in all the Eco friendly activities of the campus. This includes Plastic reuse, collection and disposal of wastes, afforestation programmes etc. The BMC observe all UN declared Days like Environment day, International Tiger day, Ozone day, Wild life week, Bird watching day, Wetland Day, Forest day, Water Day, Meteriological Earth day etc. by various programmes like Awareness campaigns, Seminars, Exhibitions and different competitions. All these activities make students to think Eco friendly and Act accordingly to protect our Biodiversity. Students are exposed to various aspects of Nature and Nature protection through various motivational talks by eminent experts in the field.