Share, Learn & Create – COLLEGE LIBRARY

Share, Learn & Create – COLLEGE LIBRARY

Share, Learn & Create – COLLEGE LIBRARY


  • To provide a wide range of academic, research based, scholarly materials
  • To work as the centre of knowledge which transfuse cultural, economic, social and ethnical resources
  • To establish an academic oriented atmosphere in the college.
  • To nourish the skills and talents of students and faculties by providing proper educational tools
  • To inculcate knowledge in all domain and to promote research aptitude among the students and faculties
  • To act as a store house of treasure of knowledge which is invaluable and to be perpetuated forever
  • To instil reading habit and diffuse love for knowledge
  • To incorporate technology and knowledge system at one platform to make it easy for the scholar to access the resources at anytime, anywhere

The Context

To transfuse and to preserve the knowledge and keep the academic activity lively and dynamic is the core intention of an academic institution. In that context, a college library which is attached to the institution provides with many purposes. It serves as a knowledge centre that boosts the activity of studies. It also serves as a centre of resources for research studies. The library, a storehouse of multitudes of books in various knowledge streams, has to be well equipped and sophisticated with a modern facility. In the era of technological development, knowledge can be accessed through a different medium of technology. A knowledge centre which supports the scholars with all kinds of academic and competitive sources has to be well furnished in its technological in cooperation. In this context of demand, our college library stands apart from other knowledge resource centres in academic institutions with its facilities provided to augment the academic and research activities in the institution. The major purpose of a knowledge centre is hence satisfied by providing a fit ambience and technological support which will enhance into a fecund outburst of knowledge.

The practices

Infrastructure Facilities

The college library facilitated with various infrastructure and technological renovations which made the knowledge centre a place for knowledge dissemination and transfusion.

Centralised Air-Conditioned Facility

The college library renovated and uplifted to the status of a centralised air-conditioned facility which provides with a soothing academic atmosphere. It is furnished with modern infrastructure facility with various specific areas dedicated to specific purposes.

Career Corner: Exclusive collection of career-oriented books and Journals

This area solely related to books specialized in career-oriented studies and researches. This provides a facility for the student to work better on the targeted career he/she wants to aspire and provides them with better placement goals.

Reading Corner: Exclusive literature collection in different languages such as English, Malayalam, Hindi and Arabic

This area mainly intends to infuse and nurture the reading taste of students and teachers. It also serves as a platform for cultural transfusion through unique books from different cultures. It is also a way of preserving the age-old tradition that we carry within in our community.

Faculty area: Special area for teachers

The college library which facilitated with special provisions to support the research and academic activities of faculties provides with Faculty Area. This helps the teachers to use best ambience provided to them for their academic and career development.

General Reference area: with laptop charging facilities and broad band connection

It is a facility for general references and it also provides with charging facility so that the students can use their personal system for their academic preparations

Software and specific area for differently able students

This is a specialized feature of our library which facilitates with software support for differently abled students and ensure their participation in academic activities

Plagiarism checking service: For Students, teachers and research scholars using URKUND software

It is a facility which started to keep the ethics and code of the research community and to ensure production of original research works by students, research scholars and faculties. This facility extends aid to UG & PG students in their project and thesis work. It also helps research scholars and research doing faculties in their venture.

Latest and upgraded version of KOHA ILM software version 18.11

This modern software offers a systematic library management system. It offers various facilities which helps the functioning of our library, a productive one.

Web OPAC (Online Searching facility for students and teachers)

It provides with an online facility for searching details regarding library activities of students and teachers.

E-mail reminder: for circulation due and renewal

This facility gives alert and message regarding the due and renewal of books issued by the students and faculties and smoothens the proper functioning of the library.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service

This facilitates with a provision in which teachers and research scholars can register their topic of interest in library; they will get personalised e-mail alerts about the recent developments in their area.

New Arrival display

The newly accommodated books in the library will be displayed in this area so that the visitors will get to know about the updated books in the libra

RFID enabled Library

The system of RFID facilitates with identification and security ensuring of an item within the library. It enhances the secured and smooth functioning of the library.

E-learning facility: with 25 systems and Wi-Fi access

Apart from the facility provided by the library through books and journals, it extends its provisions through e- learning facility. It comprises 25 systems with wi-fi access.

Evidence of success

The library facility which acts as a core supportive element in disseminating academic and research activities in an institution and fulfilling the mission and vision of an institution plays a vital role in the success of an institution. In our college, the college library elevates its status from a mere storehouse of books and related things to a centre of excellence with highly aerial ambience which blended with technology and sophisticated infrastructure facility. The college library now attracts more academic aspirants and research scholars with its modern technological facility. The different physical provisions extended the use of the library as a vital destination for academic activities. The technological facilities made the functioning of the library a transparent and secured one. It also provides with an easy method of arranging and maintaining the books within library and it extends more facility to preserve the knowledge and cultural documents in a better manner. The focus on differently abled students’ facilities, it proves to be a successful centre to include the often neglected and side-lined community among students.

Problems encountered

Even though the renovated facility of library turns out to be a successful one, it faces a few challenges. Being a library facilitated with technological blending, it has to deal with hybrid data and it causes with great skill in handling these materials. Being an era of electronic information, it demands new upgraded facilities to attract the knowledge aspirants to consider it as the sole centre of resource. The tight academic schedule makes it difficult for the students and teachers to access the facility of the library in a liberal manner.