Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The infrastructure of the college mainly consist of five main buildings it covers more than 22 acres of land. There is a separate chamber for administrative work in one of the building which also houses Principals Chamber. The College has its own lawns for the students to sit in leisure time viz: Short breaks between the periods and for lunch purposes. A number of benches are kept available too for the convenience of the students. Gardeners & sweepers perform their regular work for their maintenance and cleanliness. The institution has well equipped laboratory facilities in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Computer Science, Mass Communication and food technology.

  1. Maintenance of Computer Facilities

The following procedures are adapted for maintenance of computer facilities.

  • An agreement has been made with NET MAGIC Pattambi to maintain the IT infrastructure of the campus.
  • The ESP will deploy one full-time person in the campus to check all the equipments and take necessary actions.
  • The ESP will ensure timely replacement of any parts as necessary.
  • The details of the ESP are as given below : NET MAGIC, PATTAMBI, 9745045345
  • Quarterly preventive maintenance and checks
  • Operating System level support without any spare part.
  • Spare parts required for maintenance will be provided by customer will be charged extra
  • Any service apart from the agreed in the contract or any fresh work/assignment will be charged for, at the charges agreed at that point of time.
  • No component(s)/spare(s) shall be removed without informing the competent authority
  • Service shall provide from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm on all working days to keep the machines/equipment in good working order. The service consists, corrective maintenance and includes carrying out the necessary repairs and fitting of parts.
  • The service engineers shall attend the faults within 2-3 working hours from the time of complaint.
  • The service engineers should maintain Log registers for all calls attended/pending issues/preventive maintenance records and details of spare replacement
  1. Maintenance of Classrooms
  • The third party agencies are contracted for cleaning of classrooms on daily basis.
  1. Maintenance of Indoor Sports
  • ESP maintains the indoor sports facility on a regular basis.
  • Interim maintenance is performed as and when required.
  • The ESP details are given below –Electrical Maintenance, Cleaning
  1. Maintenance of Restrooms
  • The third party agencies are contracted for cleaning of classrooms on daily basis. 8.0 Maintenance of Electrical Facilities
  • Maintenance of Electric facilities is contracted to Waves Electricals.
  • The details are as follows: Waves Electricals, Kumaramputhur PO Mannarkkad, Praveen Kumar, 9961798270
  1. Maintenance of Elevator Facilities Maintenance of Elevator facilities is contracted by Kamai Elevators.
  • The details are as follows: Kamai Elevators, 3B, No: 9, Seshadri Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, +91 7299199111, [email protected]
  1. Maintenance of ICT Facilities
  • Maintenance of Audio and Visual Services is contracted by : NET MAGIC, Pattambi, 9745045345, [email protected]
  • Maintenance of Tele Communications is contracted by: BSNL & ASIANET
  1. Maintenance of Medical Services
  • The Institution has Dr.Kunjaran, available every working day 9:00 am to 3:00pm in the college campus.
  • The institution also has a nurse to tend to the minor emergencies and first aid.
  • Any serious emergencies, is referred immediately to the hospital Mannarkkad Nursing Home.
  • The details of the doctor available on campus is as below: Dr.Kunjaran, MBBS,DGM Mannarkkad College P O, Mannarkkad
  1. Bank Services
  • The campus has an exclusive branch in Vijaya Bank, Federal Bank, SBI, Canara Bank, Kumaramputhur Cooperative Bank, Rural Bank, across the college road.
  • The opening hours of the bank are 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  1. Maintenance of Yoga Centre
  • The Institution has a yoga centre in collaboration with the Patanjali Yoga Centre.
  • The opening hours of the yoga centre are from 7.00 am to 8.30 am and 4.30pm to 6.00pm.
  1. Maintenance of Personality Development Centre
  • The Institution has a Personality Development Centre, in collaboration with Mark Career Academy, A M Tower Opp. Chemanur Jewellers, Kodathipadi, Mannarkkad.
  • Mr. Suhail (Director, Career Academy) 9562013333
  1. Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Equipments
  • Fire services and equipments are provided by an ESP and the details of the ESP are as given below: Deepthi Agencies MSME Regd. No: 320072102808 Munambath Building Opp. Bus stand, Pazhayannur, Thrissur-680587
  1. Library Opening hours
  • The library will be open on all working days from 8:30am to 5:30pm.
  • During exam times library will remain open till 8:30 am to 5:30pm. 20.0 Issue Return of Books
  • Issue and return of books is facilitated through KOHA software.
  • Students and teachers are permitted to keep the book for 15days.
  • Post Graduate students are permitted to borrow 5 books at a time. 21.0 OPAC
  • OPAC Facility is available through a public access link.
  1. Reprographic Service Reprographic facility is provided in the library.
  • Maintenance of the reprographic machine is provided by College Management. 23.0 Weeding of Books
  • Books are weeded once in every 3 years, replacing them with new books. 24.0 Periodic Maintenance of Books
  • The College library is automated with more than 50,000 bar coded books and journals. The Library is maintaining separate digital section, with broadband internet and INFLIBNET facilities by which students have access to e-journals and e-books.
  • Dusting is conducted daily.
  • Damaged books are repaired and bind as when necessary.
  • University Question Papers collected and documented after every semester examination.
  1. Library Audit
  • Yearly audit is conducted to maintain the diversity of books, and to ensure the new books are included. 27.0 Dry and Wet Waste Management
  • The Institution has placed separate bins to collect dry and wet waste in different parts of the campus.
  • The Institution has appointed ESP to collect the dry and wet waste from the bins located in the campus and dump the waste to Municipal bins, on a daily basis.
  1. E-Waste Management
  • The Institution has a designated storage space for temporarily storing all electronic waste
  1. Maintenance of Physical Education Facilities
  • Provision is made for many major games in the college. 400 meters track, a fully fledged foot ball stadium, a gymnasium and facilities for practicing wrestling and judo are also available.
  • A physical education Council is constituted to advice the principal in all matters relating to physical education. The principal will be the Chairman and the head of the department of physical Education will be the Secretary. The general captain and the captains of various teams will be nominated to the council. Mr. Moidheen Assistant Director, Department of Physical Education 9946841044
  1. Maintenance of CCTV
  • All the areas of college campus are under the CCTV surveillance which is visible to the Principal, for the security and discipline of the college.
  • Maintenance of CCTV Cameras is contracted by: NET MAGIC, Pattambi, 9745045345, [email protected]
  1. Maintenance of Auditorium
  • The College has a well-equipped auditorium with good audio system, is well illuminated and ventilated.

This Multipurpose auditorium is a resourceful addition to the infra structural facilities of MES Kalladi College, especially useful for large gatherings of students at functions, cultural meets & conferences. In charge of Auditorium: Jasmine NH (Administrative Officer: 9895 668 814)