Procedures and Policies

Procedures and Policies

Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

A system of procedures has evolved over the years for the maintenance and optimal utilization of Infrastructure. Management has constituted a subcommittee for infrastructure maintenance and regularly holds consultation with the office of the Principal, IQAC Coordinator, Office Superintendent and senior faculty members. Rules and regulations of the labs and library are displayed and given in the College website and calendar. Campus supervisor assisted by support staff is in charge of campus maintenance. Class rooms and campus cleanliness, campus maintenance is ensured by the support staff. Security staff provides safety to the students. The NSS is regularly doing cleanliness activities in the premises of the Campus.

The lab assistants maintain the labs and periodically check the lab equipments and facilities. A Stock and maintenance register kept in all the labs are verified by the Heads of the departments and the Principal. Annual maintenance contract ensures the upkeep of important equipments. UPS is provided to power sensitive equipment and computers. Air-conditioner is provided for sensitive installations. The optimum utilisation of the lab is ensured by providing additional lab hours for student projects, water analysis tests and research activities.

IT resources are supported by UPS/automatic switch over generators. A network resource centre is available for the students to facilitate internet access. Network administrator is in charge of website, and computer maintenance and camera surveillance. Computers are monitored by the technical assistants and sensitive computers are provided anti-virus software. Design of brochures, banners and Newsletters are made by the faculty in charge and students. The use of flex is completely banned in the campus in connection with the green protocol. The students are taking pictures using the SLR camera which helps the documentation of the programme of the college .IT resources are used for film screening and literary review. There is a Walk-in and Log in registers is kept. Stock verification is carried out every year by the faculty.

Sports amenities are maintained by the support staff. Time is allotted for the students to use the Health club. Hostel facility is provided to the students in sports quota in association with Kerala Sports council. College Play ground is available for championships and for the public and neighboring schools on request.

Auditorium, Seminar and Conference Hall are extensively used for the conduct of academic and cultural programmes. Committees is set up to improve the efficiency of the Canteen, college premises and Hostel. Water purification plant, sanitary pad vending machines and incinerators are routinely serviced.