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An overview of the department

Since the establishment of the college, Political Science has been taught by the name ‘Civics’ to the Pre-Degree students. The department of Political Science was established in 1967 as a subsidiary subject. Since then, teachers of Political Science started teaching the students of Pre-Degree and Degree batches. When Pre-Degree was de-linked from the colleges in the late 1990s the working hours got reduced considerably. Now the Department continues its service as a subsidiary subject for B.A Economics and B.A History, with one permanent faculty.

Insight about the course:

Department offers Political Science an Introduction as the subsidiary paper for B A Economics and History.


To mould political scientists with ability to think critically about political systems, processes, and institutions and the related subjects of political power, citizenship, and governance.


To inculcate socio-political values among students.




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