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B.Voc in Dairy Science and Technology

Being the largest dairy producer in the world with 22 per cent of global production, India is home for a thriving dairy industry. The industry continues to play an important role in socio-economic development of the country with its enormous capacity to absorb a good number of work-force especially in the rural sector. BVoc course in Dairy Science and Technology basically deals with the topics such as milk production, animal husbandry, cattle rearing, storage of milk, processing, nutrition science, marketing and management. With the rigorous trainings provided to the candidates in these areas and exclusively on the technology to be used in the industry, candidates will be able to develop proper skills and attributes required to excel in the dairy and allied industry.



Megha Muraleedharan

Megha Muraleedharan

Assistant Professor on Contract

Department Dairy Science and Technology
Qualifications MSc. Quality Control in Dairy Industry


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