Data Science and Analytics

Department of Data Science and Analytics

B.Voc in Data Science and Analytics

This is an age of data, and the use, sale and analysis of data are gaining huge importance in the modern world. Industries around the world depend on huge data sets to make proper decisions related to business expansion, production, marketing and sales. All these have contributed to the development of a discipline called data science and analytics. Resultantly, in the modern data-centric world, this field of study is coming up with huge opportunities and career options. With an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach, data science prepares the students in the areas of mathematics, statistics, analytics, computer science and information science. Candidates will be trained to handle structured and unstructured data, process and analyze the data, and to make reasonable insights. This field of study with an upward growth graph, creates the candidates who are able to solve the problems and challenges in different areas ranging from economics to governance.




Programmes Offered