Arabic (Self Financing)

Department of Arabic (Self Financing)

Insight about the course

The aim of the establishment is to under graduate course the specialists in the language of the Holy Quran and its literature, to take care of its ancient heritage, to fill the need for schools and institutes of teachers in this field, in addition for developing the language and Literature and writing to enrich the literary movement in the Arab world. And these goals is clear to the administrative and teaching staff of this college since the first day in its work, and it was the phenomenon of the first batch of graduates of the College, which represented students in every field of the region.


  • Providing the student with knowledge, skills and abilities in different stages or levels of education, to accommodate the science of Islamic history, and keep pace with its development locally, Arab and internationally.
  • Promoting linguistic skill by following up on local, regional and international developments, enhancing deep understanding of language and literature, and keeping abreast of scientific and technological developments.
  • Encourage students to participate in cultural and professional conferences and Encouraging and supporting extracurricular activities and activating field visits.


The mission of the Department of Arabic Language is to prepare a distinguished scientific stuff in the teaching of Arabic language and literature, furnish a qualitative addition to the scientific research, and provide scientific services to the community through the following procedures:

  • Preparing the student for a distinguished scientific and professional qualification that qualifies him for professional work in his specialty.
  • The service of Arabic language and literature and the preparation of specialists distinguished scientific and skilled, able to benefit from the heritage and modern studies, and the development of scientific research, and employment of specialization in social service.
  • Preparing a generation of students and developing the talents of the innovative youth, who are capable of meeting the requirements of sustainable development and entrenching an ideological, developing linguistic culture.


Abdul Jalal N

Abdul Jalal N

Assistant Professor on Contract

Department Arabic(Self Financing)
Qualifications MA, M.Phil, LTTC, SET


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