‘Together to the Fitness KC’; Series of Physical Fitness Programmes

‘Together to the Fitness KC’; Series of Physical Fitness Programmes

‘Together to the Fitness KC’; Series of Physical Fitness Programmes


  • To make students able to recognize the physical and mental benefits of increased activity
  • To expose a variety of physical activities with highly scientific and advanced training
  • Provide them with the opportunity to empower themselves by setting realistic individual goals
  • Mold athletes to take part in a motivating and nurturing environment, resulting in a greater sense of well–being and self-esteem
  • To Develop Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Cooperation.
  • To improve strength, flexibility and the sense of well-being
  • Enable students to have good health and practice mental hygiene
  • To integrate moral values and attain a higher level of consciousness

The Context

For past several years, Sports and Games is an Integral part of the MES Kalladi College. The Physical Education Department at MES Kalladi College is committed to providing students with a worthwhile and enjoyable learning environment while providing the knowledge and tools to adhere to a lifetime of activity and better health. ‘Together to the Fitness KC’ is a series of training and awareness program under the supervision of Physical Education Department.

Indoor Stadium: For students taking part in the Sports and other activities, the infrastructural facility will be significant.  Thus the institution has established a very spacious and modern multi-disciplinary indoor stadium for the student community. Up-to-date cardio equipment in the workout facility will provide ample opportunity to train and mentor other students during fitness units. The Indoor Stadium facilities encourage greater participation of students, leading to a healthier, happier and more cohesive student athletic community. The overall area of the stadium is 35×25 meter length and width.

Yoga Education: “A Healthy mind lives in a Healthy Body”, complying with the saying, it creates a professionally managed environment for the students in Campus.  Both Physical and Mental Health play an important role for the well-being of an Individual. In tune with the aim of all round development of the students, the campus is facilitating Yoga education and practice for the students under the supervision of Physical Education Department. The initiative of Yoga helps clear the mind, which gives students a break from the constant social atmosphere of college. Practicing getting to a quiet mind space that can make it easier to concentrate when reading, studying and sitting through lectures. So Yoga practice is one of the best and living practice on campus now. By this new initiative we work to foster a better understanding of yoga’s benefits, therapeutic applications, life transforming effects and wisdom traditions among students. We bring yoga classes for general wellness for students who want to learn yoga, and yoga therapy to heal those with chronic ailments.

COFE Program: University of Calicut has introduced a College Fitness Education (COFE) program for UG student from 2016 to 2017 academic year onwards. As part of this COFE program Physical Education department also has given physical fitness awareness for all students both in theory and practical in their first four semesters.

Health and Fitness Centre: In tune with the aim of all round development of the students, Faculties and others, the campus is equipped with an in-house Health and Fitness Centre. It Provides the Gym Facility for all Students and Teachers and Relative people. More than 250 students and around 25 Faculties uses the benefit of Health and Fitness Centre. It contains world class equipment like treadmills and strength machines and all other equipment for exercise and work out. In short, the Health and Fitness Centre creates an ideal atmosphere for the entire campus community, the best facilities to improve and keep better health care. Zumba dance practice for faculties and students is also provided here.

The practices

Every day in the evening as many student athletes are being trained by Faculties in multiple sports activities. The physical education department conducts activities like Badminton, Chess, Handball, Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, wrestling, Volleyball etc. for students. Also, sports students are getting trained professionally to perform in national and university competitions.  Athletes are availing systematic coaching for various games in the evening throughout the year. Several tournaments for Inter-Class, Inter-Collegiate, Private matches are being conducted every year in our Stadium. It houses multi-court facilities such as: Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Badminton, Sepak Takraw, Judo, Wrestling, Yoga Training, etc. This has twisted out the face of sports training to a new and outstanding level of excellence.

Every year, we deliver about 20 yoga sessions for students every year, including special classes for stress management and therapy. Around 250 student athletes practice yoga every year. Also, 55 students get trained by yoga class as an open course in each academic year. Classes mainly focus on yoga for back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity and metabolic disorders, vision disorders for students and teens, prenatal and postnatal issues and mental health. In the past years, Yoga practice initiative has shown special attention to the youth in creating opportunities for them to channel their energy and develop their leadership skills with concentration and mental hygiene.

Through the COFE program, apart from sports students, all others become beneficiaries. In every semester, 10 theory and practical classes are providing for students, and they will also get 5 marks in each semester for successfully completing the program.

Also Health and fitness center is now a common platform for students, faculties and their relative people to come together and improve their physical fitness. This has brought a very positive atmosphere on the campus.

Evidence of success

‘Together to the fitness KC’ was a turning point in the history of Physical Education in MES Kalladi College. The participants from students in sports and fitness activities have been drastically increased after the establishment of the indoor stadium and other series of programs. Both students and faculties showed their changed positive approach toward the awareness and training programs on campus. Apart from this College grabbed 5th position in men sports section and 12th position of woman’s section and boosted up its rank in order to the 12th position in overall championship. Also bagged 3rd position in zonal basketball championship,    3rd position in sepak tekraw in inter-zone competition, over all championships in wrestling result from this excellent initiative. Larger participants of female students also shows the reach of the program in making them aware of the importance of health fitness.

Problems encountered

Even though the female participation has increased from last year, compared to the overall strength of girl students, the participation is less. Also, college situate in an area close to Western Ghat where the monsoon affects severely. So, at the time rainy season outside training and practices have to shift completely to indoor which makes some challenges and limitations.