Fight and Resist the Epidemic

Fight and Resist the Epidemic

Title of the Practice

Fight and Resist the Epidemic

Objective of the Practice

  • To provide maximum support to fight against Covid 19
  • To provide awareness on Covid 19 Vaccination
  • To provide support to students in their academic classes.
  • To provide special care to the needful sections in community

The Context

MES Kalladi College provided full support to the state in its fight against the deadly disease Covid 19 by the initiation of various activities. Colleges were directed to form their respective Covid 19 Cells by the state government. To trigger those activities MES Kalladi College implemented various initiatives like implementation of Vaccination Centres, cleaning activities by NSS Wing, provided food kits, information to Asha workers etc. The college constituted a COVID 19 Cell with Principal in charge as the Chairman. The college made hand sanitizers also and distributed among the staffs and to the public too.

The Practice

  • MES Kalladi college has provided pain and palliative center for the Covid patients. The Institution itself form a Covid Center by providing majority of the classrooms for the Camp.
  • The Institution worked as a Vaccination Center and provided the Registration process too. It helped the public to register for their vaccination without much difficulty.
  • All Teaching and Non-teaching staffs have registered as Covid volunteers and had worked in various places and provided successful aid to the State Government.
  • NSS unit of MES Kalladi College students participated in covid test camp conducted by Health Department, Mannarkkad. NSS volunteers helped with vaccination registration and other activities for the smooth conduct of RTPCR testing.
  • NSS Wing helped local people in Mannarkkd panchayath to register in Cowin Portal.
  • NSS Wing of the College hold the cleaning activities and proved a successful practice during the pandemic situation. They visited ABHAYAM shelter to clean up the areas and also the house of inmates. They had conducted some awareness workshop and classes too to reduce the risk of the corona virus infection.
  • Chemistry Department of the College prepared sanitizers and distributed among the localities nearby.
  • The Management provided Mobile Phone to the needful students for the purpose of smooth conduct of the Academic process. It helped to conduct the regular classes on daily basis.
  • NSS unit organized a fund collection programme ,LUTH’F , to help the public who struggle due to lockdown. The fund provided as an active support for the public who are affected with the disease as well as for those who lose the job due to the pandemic condition.
  • NSS Volunteers keep in touch with covid affected families through phone calls and helped them to get required help from authorities.
  • The college had taken necessary arrangements to provide foodkit for the required. NSS Unit under the leadership of Mohammed Hashim and Volunteer Sajeev distributed 8 food kits to Mayilamkode , as a part of LUTH’F Project
  • The college also give up to date information to Asha Workers for providing their awareness and guidance to the public.

Evidence of Success

The pandemic of Covid 19 has engulfed the entire world and has posed serious challenges for the health, economic and educational sector. The support given by our college during this pandemic can be treated as a great help to those who are affected. Various members including the management, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, cleaning staff provided great efforts to improve the condition from becoming worse. The various activities delivered by the college proved to be a great help for those who suffer from the clutches of the deadly disease. The works of NSS Wing of MES Kalladi College can be treated as a great help during the pandemic. Their role is inevitable and proved to be successful too.

Problems Encountered

The main challenge of the pandemic period was the risk of opening of the College and also the risk of transmission of the disease.