Fees Structure

Fees Structure

Class Tution Fees Admission Fees Special Fees Lab Fees Total
I Year BA/Bcom/BBA 1000 75 495 1570
II&III Year BA/Bcom/BBA 1000 740 1740
I Year BSc Maths 1000 75 645 150 1870
II Year BSc Maths 1000 740 150 1890
III Year BSc Maths 1000 740 1740
I Year BSc Botany 1000 75 1045 550 2670
II Year BSc Botany 1000 740 550 2290
I Year BSc (Physics & Chemistry) 1000 75 895 400 2370
II Year BSc Physics 1000 740 400 2140
II Year BSc Chemistry 1000 740 400 2140
 III Year BSc (Physics/Chemistry/Botany 1000 740 250 1990

Self Financing Courses

B.Com. Computer Application 11,250 (Each Semester) 740 11990
B.Com/BBA/BA 9,000 (Each Semester) 740 9740
B.Sc. Computer Science 18,750 (Each Semester) 740 200 19690
BCA 18,750 (Each Semester) 740 200 19690
B.Sc. Food Technology 19,500 (Each Semester) 740 20240
BA. Mass Communication 18,750 (Each Semester) 740 19490
I Year MA/Mcom/MSc Maths 1800 745 2695
II Year MA/Mcom/MSc Maths 1800 740 2540
I Year MSc (Chemistry & Physics) 1800 150 745 1200 3895
II Year MSc (Chemistry & Physics) 1800 740 1200 3740
MSc Botany (Self Financing) 22500 740 1200 24440

(The caution deposit (Refundable) Should be remitted on admission as follows)

UG 360
PG 600



  • Tuition fees will be collected either in lump at the beginning of the year or in installments at the beginning of each terms or semester, as the case may be.
  • Special fees should be paid together with the first instalment of tuition fees.
  • After the 7th working day the fees can be paid with a fine of Rs. 5/-, on or before the next 10th day. Even after this date, the the fees will be received with a fine of Rs. 10/- on the date prescribed before the last working day of the month.
  • The names of students who do not remit fees with in the prescribed dates will be published on the notice board. The names of the defaulters will be removed from the roll and for re-admission they have to remit the fees, fine and Rs. 50 (charge of re-admission). The fees for semester course has to be paid at the beginning of each semester and if a student defaults the above rules will be applicable. At the beginning of the academic year the special fees has to be paid in total.
  • Fees will be received at the office counter between 9.30 am. and 1.30 pm.(on all working days).
  • Students should always obtain a receipt from the office for any payment made by them for any future reference.
  • Every students is liable to pay the prescribed fees for the entire term during any part of which his/her name remains on the rolls of the college.
  • When the due date for any payment happens to be a holiday, the next working day will be treated as a due date.
  • Students when admitted as term students for making up shortage of attendance, one third of annual tuition fees with full special fees and the caution deposits would be collected from them at the time of admission.
  • Fees once collected will not be re funded.
  • The guardians of all newly admitted students have to pay Rs. 1750/- towards the membership fee of the Parents and Teachers Association