Dr. Haseena V A
Dr. Haseena V A

Dr. Haseena V A

PRINCIPAL (Assistant Professor)

E-mail id: [email protected]

Area: Economics

Affiliation: MES Kalladi College, Mannarkkad

Qualification: M.A, M.Ed, Ph.D., PDF, D.Litt (USA)

Teaching Experience: 11 Years

M.A,M.Ed, Ph.D, PDF ,D.Litt (USA)
• Two years of teaching experience in St.Joseph’s College Bangalore
• Four years of experience at MES Asmabi College Kodungallur
• Four years of experience at MES Kalaldi college, Mannarkakd
Environmental Economics, Subaltern Economics, Gender Studies
Working in collaboration with KDS (Delhi) on Dalit issues
1. Completed a Major Research Project titled” Impact of Metro rail on the green cover depletion in Bangalore Agglomeration” from Indo Global Social Service Society, New Delhi in 2015.
2. Completed Minor Project with the title “Dynamics of Environmental degradation with special reference to water Pollution in Kerala ” from UGC 2015
3. Completed as the Co-investigator of the Major project” Total Quality Management in Higher Education From KSHEC( 2014-16)
4. Worked as the consultant of one Major project of Kerala Development Society, Delhi.(2016-18)
5. A minor project on “Land issues among tribals in Attappady” from Center for development Studies, Trivandrum.
1. Coordinator of Fine arts
2. Member of Equal opportunity Cell
3. Convenor of legal Literacy Club
4. Member of PTA
5. Worked as Research Associate for Pachappu Prakrti pata sala as Research Associate
6. Editor of the Biannual National Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and Research-Meridian , ISSN-2258-750X
7. Editor of the International Journal of “Horizon-An International Journal of Tourism studies and Research (IJTR), ISSN- 2349-0624.
8. Editor of Pokkuveyil “Smaranika” A souvenir of M.E.S golden jubilee magazine
9. Convener of Research promotion Council.
10. Research Guide from Calicut University
11. Coordinator, IQAC ,MES Kalladi College,Mannarkkad

1. An Award from the Global Society for Health and Educational Growth for the enormous contribution in education from New Delhi(2015)
2. Best publications award from MES in 2014.
3. An international award from the Global Society for Health and Educational Growth, Dubai, 2016 at International achievers meet.
4. National award for the contribution of enormous works in tribal society from GSHEG IN 2016
5. K.N Raj fellowship from Center for development Studies Trivandrum on “Land issues among tribals in Attappady” for three months (2017-18).
6. Post Doctoral Fellowship Award from Indian Council of Social Science Research in Economics.
7. Doctor of Letters award from South American University for the continuous work for the Tribal Communities in Kerala.
1. ” Kerala economy –Slumber to performance” titled as Changed role of Women- perception from tribes:. (2009), ISBN-878-81-8387-133-4 Serials publications, New Delhi.
2. “Globalization and economic Development” titled as Tribes in India-Some observations (2009) ISBN81-8324-288-X, Mittal publications, Delhi.
3. “Educational indicators for the empowerment of Muslim Women in India”, Women awakening to the Epitome of Power, Serials publication, ISBN-978-81-8387-739-8.
4. ” Technology for women empowerment, Issues and challenges- as Information and Communication technology for women –ISBN-3401-56X
5. “ critical appraisal of the bio-diversity issues in the silent valley National park area”, published in the book Biodiversity-issues, impacts, Remediation and Significance Excel publishers, 2012 New Delhi.
6. Traditional economic structure and linkages between deforestation and depletion of livelihood of Tribal women in Attappady Tribal Block in Kerala(2017) “ in pursuit of Women Empowerment-selected essays on Women Issues, ISBN-978-81-934353-6-6,Scholars publications ,Delhi.
7. Educational indicators for the Empowerment in India-issues and solutions(2016), Women awakening to the epitome of Power, Serials publications ,Delhi, ISBN-978-81-8387-739-8
8. Existing needs of Transgender in Kerala: A need for more vision empowerment(2018) “ Reflections on Gender mapping the Territory, published by Delton Publishing House,Delhi,ISBN-978-93-87631-22-9.
9. Transphobia and Stigmatisation among Transgenders in Kerala (2018), Women perspective issues and concerns, published by Delton Publishing House, Delhi,ISBN-978-93-87631-243.
10. Linkages between Deforestation an depletion on the Traditional Economic structure of Tribal women in Attappady Tribal Block in Kerala( 2018), “Women Empowerment-AMyth or Reality, published by Delton Publishing House, Delhi,ISBN-978-93-87631-23-6

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60. “Stigmatization and Social exclusion faced by the Transgenders in Kerala”, International Journal of Trend in Research and Development, Volume 5(4), ISSN: 2394-9333.
1. Edited one Book titled “Women awakening to the Epitome of Power” from Serials Publications, ISBN-978-81-8387-739-8
2. Authored a book on “Magnitude of Deforestation on the Tribal Women in Kerala-A focus on Attappady, Sara Publications, New Delhi, ISBN 978-1-73034-587-6.
3. Co-authored a book on “Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis, B.A Economics Fourth Semester Calicut University book.
4. Attadiyile Adhivasi Jeevitham, publication by Olive publications, Calicut (for publication)
5. Transgenders in Kerala-A cry for Existence, Publication by Scholars publications Delhi (for publication).

1. Two day national seminar on India at 61......Towards A new Development Paradigm on 23rd and 24th January 2009 St.Joseph’s Autonomous college, Bangalore Sponsored by UGC.
2. One day seminar on Climate Change implications, challenges and policy towards sustainability on 9th February 2010 Mount Carmel college, Bangalore Sponsored by UGC
3. Two day national seminar on Technology for women Empowerment: issues and challenges on 16th and 17th September, Cochin University of Science and Technology sponsored by Department of women study centre
4. Two day National seminar on “Participatory Planning process and regional development-the Kerala Experience” on 21nd 22rd October 2011M.E.S Asmabi College, P.Vemabllur sponsored by UGC.
5. Two day International seminar on Economic Slumps: challenges to Indian economy on 10th and 11th November 2011.Fatima Mata national College, Kollam Sponsored by UGC.
6. Four days international seminar on Ecological Justice: Issues challenges and ways forward on 11, 12, and 13 and 14th November 2011, De paul Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly, Kerala sponsored by James cook University, Australia
7. One day National seminar on Innovations in Higher Education Higher education on 19th Marc2012 M.E.S Ponnani college, Ponnani Sponsored by KSHEC.
8. Presented a paper on “Panchayaths Raj and Decentralization “on UGC Sponsored ntioanl Seminar on “Participatory planning Process and Regional development in Kerala on 23rd and 24th October 2012.
9. presented a Paper on “Globalization and Higher Education on the National Seminar on scope fro Higher Education in Kerala Sponsored by KSHEC On January 3rd and 4th 2013.

10. One day Regional Seminar on Women empowerment in Kerala on 23rd March 2012 ,Cochin University of Science and Technology sponsored by WSC
11.Two days national seminar on Socio-Economic Conditions of in-migrant workers to Kerala on 14th and 15th November 2013,St.Thomas College, Thrissur sponsored by KSHEC.
12. Presented a paper on” Scope of Tourism in Kerala Economy” in a U.G.C Sponsored National seminar on “service sector reforms by Govt. Achutha Menon College, Kuttanellur.
13. Presented a paper on “water and women Ethics” in the UGC Sponsored National seminar on “Dynamics of Environmental Degradation with special reference to Water pollution in Kerala on 3rd and 4th December 2014.
14. Participated in International transnational meet on Higher education 0n 3rd, 4th and 5th January 2014 by Kerala State higher Educational Council.
15. Presented a paper in the U.G.C Sponsored national seminar on Women Empowerment in Kerala in S.N College Nattika on 5th February 2014.
16. Presented a paper in the International Seminar on Innovations in business and Finance on Services of tourism in Kerala by Commerce Association of Kerala on May 16th and 17th
17. Resource Person for Jana Sikshan Sanstan and made an extension lecture on “Growth of population and its impact on women on 10th July 2014.
18. Chaired a UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Indian Economy since Reforms: Development issues and challenges on 6th and 7th August 2014, at little flower College, Guruvayur.
19. Inaugurated the Economics association of Christ College, Irinjalkauda 9-10-2014.
20. Presented a paper in the international seminar on Service sector dynamics organized by Department of Economics, Government Achutha Menon College, Thrissur.
21. Chaired a session in the National conference of Research Methodology at Government College, Ambalappuzha
22. Presented a paper in international Seminar on “Self help Groups and tribal women organized by IMRF, GOA.
23. Presented a paper in the international conference on “ Dynamics on Indian Economy organized by Department of Economics, Government college, Amaplappazha.
24. Extension talks on prevailing stigma among transgenders in Kerala .John Mathai Centre, Aranattukara, June 2018.
24. Participated in Four Days Workshop on “Short term Training programme on Academic leadership? 16-19th July 2018.
25. An extension talks on “motivational importance for the Degree students in MES Ottappalam College on 3rd September 2018.
26. Motivational classes for the Degree students at MES Woman’s college ,Cherpulassery on 22nd November 2018.
27. Career advancement and strength of mental ability for the Students at Jamahathu Islamic College, Mannam on January 4th 2019.
28. Presented a paper on stigmatization and identity crisis among Transgenders in India at “Middle Tennessee’s State university” United States of America on 27-30th March 2019.

1. Member of Kerala Development Society (KDS), Delhi.
2. South Regional Member of Indo Global Social Service Society, New Delhi
3. Member of Indian Tribal Welfare Association, Delhi
4. Member of Global Society for Health and Educational Growth.
5. Member of European Union Association for Population Studies on Minorities, Europe.
6. Member of Kerala Economic Association (KEA)