Pattern of Examination

Pattern of Examination

  • The students will have to take both internal as well as external examinations. The external examination will be conducted by the University of Calicut at the end of each semester, according to the course structure. The internal examination will be conducted by the concerned course teacher. The teacher will administer sufficient number of tests in the particular paper and the marks secured by the students will be recorded and the aggregate will be taken as the internal mark for the particular paper.
  • The conduct & evaluation of internal examination for each paper will be done solely by the concerned teacher and he/she has been bestowed all discretionary powers to conduct the examinations fairly and objectively.

CUCBCSS – 2014

Mark system is followed instead of direct grading for each question. For each course in the semester letter grade, grade point and % of marks are introduced in a 7-point indirect grading system.

Percentage of Marks(IA+ESE) Grade Interpretation Grade point Average Range of grade points Class
90 And Above A+ Out Standing 6 5.5 – 6 1 st Class Distin- ction
80 To Below 90 A Excellent 5 4.5 – 5.49 1 st Class Distin- ction
70 To Below 80 B Very Good 4 3.5 – 4.49 1 st Class
60 To Below 70 C Good 3 2.5 – 3.49 1 st Class
50 To Below 60 D Satisfactory 2 1.5 – 2.49 2 nd Class
40 To Bellow 50 E Pass/adequate 1 0.5 – 1.49 Pass
Below 40 F Failure 0 0 – 0.49 Fail

Course evaluation: the evaluation scheme for each course shall contain two parts (1) internal assessment (2) external evaluation. 20% weight shall be given to the internal assessment. The remaining 80% weight shall be for the external evaluation. Internal assessment : 20% of the total marks in each course are for internal examinations. The marks secured for internal examination only need be sent to university by the colleges concerned. The internal assessment shall be based on a predetermined transparent system involving written test, Assignments, Seminar/viva and attendance in respect of theory courses and lab test/records/viva and attendance in respect of practical courses. Internal assessment of the project will be based on its content, method of presentation, final conclusion and orientation to research aptitude. Components with percentage of marks of internal evaluation of theory courses are, Attendance – 25 %, Assignment/ Seminar/Viva – 25% and Test paper – 50 %, (if a fraction appears in internal marks, nearest whole number will be taken).

Attendance of each course will be evaluated as below
Above 90% attendance 100% marks Allotted for attendance
85 to 89% 80%
80 to 84% 60%
76 to 79% 40%
75% 20%

External evaluation: External evaluation carries 80% of marks. The external examination in theory courses is to be conducted by University with question paper set by external experts.