India enjoys a reputation across the globe of being the Nation, which produces World Class Engineers & Scientists. Research centre in the Department of Chemistry under the University of Calicut got recognition in 2017, fosters a culture of Research & Development amongst its students and faculties. We believe Research and Innovation strengthen the fabric of Innovative thinking and contributes to the progress of scientific society and mankind as a whole. The Research centre supports and coordinates scientific research by its teams and laboratories both in chemistry and at the interface between chemistry and other disciplines. The role of the centre is to help in order to improve knowledge in every field of chemistry, from theory to synthesis, from fundamental questions to process development, and from atoms to materials. Progress in chemistry provides a better understanding of our environment, enabling us to act upon it, while it directly affects our daily lives through the presence of strong chemical industry (pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, nanomaterials, polymers, electronics etc).


Synthesizing new compounds/materials, understanding the rules that govern chemical reactions, and predicting the relationships between structures and the physical and chemical properties of molecular and supramolecular systems are the fundamental missions of the centre. These missions are organized into different research areas:

  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Green Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Nano Chemistry
  • Natural Products
  • Coordination Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Chemistry for sustainable development

Strategic Priorities

To meet the challenges associated with the future of our planet, our fast-changing society must alter its global behaviour and find environmentally sustainable alternatives/solutions. In this context, our research centre propose innovative research areas in interaction with other disciplines in an effort to satisfy society’s needs like

  • Energy management: Developing renewable resources, alternative fuels, and materials for energy production and storage.
  • Health improvement: Designing of new organic molecules having medicinal importance and helping to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic agents.
  • Environmental preservation: Inventing processes with low environmental impact, setting new standards in pollutant monitoring, proposing innovative clean-up processes for polluted environments.

Research Progress

Dr. Mohammed Musthafa. T.N, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry & Dr.Sreenivasan. K.P, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry has been recognized as Research Guides under the University of Calicut in the year 2017. Mr. C. Abdul Khader has been registered for Ph.D. programme in Chemistry under the Co-supervision of Dr. Mohammed Musthafa. TN on 01-01-2018. Ms. Snigdha. K has been registered for Ph.D. programme in Chemistry under the Supervision of Dr. Mohammed Musthafa. TN on 10-12-2018. Ms. Julia. A.P, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry is presently working under the Co-Supervision of Dr. Sreenivasan .K.P. All the students have got fruitful results and are going to publish their results in various reputed international journals soon. Ms. Nusrath. P, Ms. Sajna.P, Ms. Fausia. K.H, Assistant Professors, Department of Chemistry are making the use of instrumental and chemical facilities of research centre continuously for the completion of their Ph.D. programmes at various centers under the University of Calicut. Also, our bachelors and masters students are using the facilities for the successful completion of student research projects, Minor research projects from various funding agencies like UGC, KSCSTE etc.  Faculties and students from other departments and institutions are also availing the facilities of the research centre.