Field Reflections

Field Reflections

Field engagements are integral to the curriculum of all programmes. It helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the practical implications of societal understanding obtained through the academic programmes.

In particular, students from the Mass Communication and Journalism,History,Economics programmes significantly benefit from working with the NSS unit of the institution. The Field engagements provide students opportunities for:

  • Field Exposure visits
  • Transect Walk to the tribal hamlets and adopted villages.
  • Internship opportunities ·
  • Community Amenities Survey to give first hand exposure to social reality.
  • Field visit to Megalithic sites.
  • Independent Field Projects, allowing them to actively contribute to the work of the field institutes through small research studies, documentation projects, etc.
  • Mentoring by IQAC members giving the students valuable insights

Field engagements also allow students to introspect on their own role as change agents within the larger landscape. It is hoped that the experience will build humility, empathy, optimism and a sense of anticipation for the future.

In this space we share students field reflections based on their Field Practice. Students interested in sharing their reflections can write to :