The college has been consistently interacted with the society, especially to make awareness about the scientific knowledge for solving the problems of farmers and weaker sections of the society. ‘WELCHEM’ the extension activity cell of the college under department of chemistry offered services and activities for the benefit of the society. WELCHEM offered Dry rubber content analysis, water analysis and training in soap manufacture. The following are the major services given by the centre .

1. DRC( Dry Rubber Content) determination of field latex: one of the major agricultural products of the area is natural rubber. The prize of the latex is fixed on the basis of dry rubber content of the field latex. Planters of the surrounding area bring their rubber latex to determine the DRC.

2. Water Analysis: In the Welchem centre, we are having a water analyzer. Health department and local bodies make use of the facility as and when required.

3. Low cost production of high quality toilet soaps: with the help and support of IRTC(integrated Rural Technology Centre, Mundoor) the extension centre conducts workshop on low cost soap production for the public and students.

4. Awareness Classes: The centre offers awareness classes to farmers about the advantage and disadvantages of the usage of fertilizers,fungicides,pestisides ets. And about the soil testing and leaf testing. A mini soil testing kit is available in the welchem centre.

5. Quality Checking : fungicides like copper sulphate